New Boiler Installations

Installing a boiler is a complex task, but for my customers it’s very simple.

Step 1 – Making an appointment

You can get in touch with me any time to book an appointment at a time that suits you. I’m more than happy to be around when you are in the property, even if that means working around your schedule.

Step 2 – My Visit

I’ll make an initial visit to your property to try and determine your individual heating needs. Different types of properties and different central heating systems require different boilers in order to heat the home efficiently. I’ll have a look at the layout of your home, and I’ll also chat to you about the different avenues we could go down, and the pros and cons of all cheap Brighton boilers available to you.

After we’ve determined your needs, I’ll provide you with an incredibly competitive quote. You’re under no obligation at this point, and I actually encourage my customers to shop around. I know that I offer the cheapest boiler installation in Brighton, and I’ve got no problems if you’d like to verify that yourself.

Step 3 – The Installation

I pride myself on working efficiently, cheaply, politely and tidily. A new boiler installation is a fairly major piece of work, especially in a house that is currently occupied, but I will do my best to avoid disruption.

I’ll also take steps to avoid any accidental damage of the surrounding area. This includes putting down a temporary protective surface to protect your flooring and any other features of your home that happen to be near the site of your new boiler.

When the boiler is fully installed and working properly, I’ll give you a rundown of how to operate it. Boilers may be complex beneath the surface, but the operation is fairly simple. I won’t just show you how to turn the heating on and off and check the thermostat, I’ll also show you how to maintain the correct pressure in the boiler and how to identify and fix minor faults, saving you the hassle and expense of calling out plumbers to deal with these minor tasks. Click here to read more about the benefits of a new boiler installation.

Step 4 – The Guarantee

Many of the boilers I supply have a warranty of up to seven years, which protects you if anything goes wrong down the line.

In addition to this warranty, I also personally guarantee all of the work that I do. In the extremely rare event that some kind of problem arises with the actual installation work, then I will be happy to rectify that problem free of charge.


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