Gas Safe Boiler Installer

My expertise has been verified and accredited, allowing me to join the Gas Safe register.  This is a government run scheme that helps homeowners ensure the engineers working on their gas appliances are familiar with safety procedures, and is the replacement to the long standing CORGI registration scheme that you might be more familiar with.

In order to be enrolled on the Gas Safe register, I have had to provide evidence of my qualifications to the Health and Safety Executive, a government department.  These qualifications were thoroughly vetted by an assessment center before I received my Gas Safe certification.

My membership in the Gas Safe scheme is your assurance that I have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform safe boiler installations. Having a non Gas Safe registered engineer perform work in your home is incredibly dangerous, so it’s in your best interests to ensure that any engineer you do employ has been enrolled in the scheme.

Every time I go out to install a new boiler in Brighton or the surrounding areas, I always make sure that I carry my Gas Safe ID card. I won’t be offended if you ask to check it, in fact I encourage you to do so. You can view an example Gas Safe ID card on the Gas Safe website.

Remember, gas appliances can be very dangerous if installed shoddily. They can leak gas, cause fires, and emit harmful carbon monoxide. Only allow Gas Safe registered engineers to install cheap Brighton boilers in your home.

Gas Safe Cheap Brighton Boilers