Brighton Budget Boiler Installation – FAQ

What services do you offer?
I only install new boilers into domestic properties, whether that’s for a landlord or the homeowner. It can be a replacement boiler, or a boiler for a completely new central heating system in a new build or renovation property. I fit all kinds of boilers, including combi, hot water and stand-alone heating.
Why are your prices so cheap?
When you charge dramatically discounted prices compared to the competition, this is a question that you get asked a lot. The answer is simple: I have none of the many overheads that other heating engineers have. I have no staff, there’s just me, and I do all my own administration work myself. When the entire job, from beginning to end, is handled by just one man, the savings mount up. I pass those savings on to my customers.
Why don’t you charge VAT?
We do charge VAT. I want to continue being able to offer a quick, honest, cheap service in my local area. It's come around very quickly to register for VAT due to the threshold fast approaching. Although customers will have to pay VAT, the buying power Plumbing On Tap have means the cost of the materials will be cheaper including your boiler. "Brighton Cheap Boilers On Tap" have one main objective, to find the cheapest boiler available in stock and install it for you to a high standard at the cheapest possible price.
How much experience do you have?
I’m certainly not new to installing boilers, and heating engineering in general. Far from it.  I’ve got a huge amount of experience under my belt, being trained by and working with some huge names in the heating field. I have installed hundreds of boilers over the years, and each installation has been successfully and safely completed with no problems to date. I feel my wealth of experience is reflected in the quality of the work that I do.
Do the boilers you install come with warranty?
The new boilers that I install come with a warranty. The warranty term depends on the manufacturer of the boiler and the individual model of boiler that you choose. They can often stretch as far as seven years. If getting a boiler with a particularly long warranty is a priority for you, I’ll be happy to work with you to find an extended warranty boiler that suits your individual heating needs.
Are you fully qualified?
Yes, I am a fully qualified heating engineer with both formal qualifications and years of on-the-job training. It wouldn’t be legal for me to work on gas apparatuses like boilers otherwise. If you’d like to know more specific details about my qualifications and how they were gained, feel free to get in touch. I’m more than happy to prove my credentials with any potential customer.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Of course. I never walk away from a job until both myself and my customers are completely satisfied. If you have any issues with the way that I’ve installed the boiler, or in the unlikely event some kind of problem arises, I’ll be more than happy to rectify the problem. In my career so far, nothing like this has ever come up. But if it ever does, I will do everything in my power to make you 100% satisfied. After all, my reputation is one of the most important assets that I have, and it it’s in my best interests to keep it clean. On top of that, I take a great deal of pride in my work, and it would affect me on a personal level if I walked away from a job and you were unsatisfied.
Are you insured?
Yes, I have a comprehensive insurance policy from a well known, extremely reputable insurance company. I’ve taken the time to find the very best policy to protect both my customers and myself. I believe that I’m insured to the highest standard possible. If you’d like to hear more details about my insurance policy, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through it and provide you with my insurance certification.
Are you Gas Safe registered?
Yes. I am fully registered with the government’s Gas Safe registration scheme. In order to join this scheme, I had all of my qualifications and paperwork verified, so you can be confident that I am able to safely install boilers and other gas apparatus. I always carry my Gas Safe registration card to every job that I do, and I invite my customers to inspect it to ensure that everything is above board. After all, a gas appliance can be dangerous if improperly installed, so ensuring that a Gas Safe registered engineer fits your boiler is incredibly important.
I’ve had quite a competitive quote from another company, can you beat it?
I’ll do my best! I’ll almost certainly beat any quote from local or national heating engineers, and the bigger the company, the bigger the difference will be between my price and theirs.
Do you charge for quotations?
Absolutely not! Every single quote that I do is provided absolutely free of charge, and with no obligation. I actively encourage my customers to get quotes from competing companies, so they can see for themselves that I offer an extremely good value service
What is included in the price that you quote?
I like to make life easier for my customers. That’s why I will quote you one price, for parts and labour. There are no hidden extras, and you will pay no VAT on top. That means you know exactly what you pay for the entire service.
What areas do you cover?
I cover the entire area around Brighton. That includes Hove, Lewes, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford, as well as everywhere in between. If you aren’t sure if I cover your area, give me a call. I’m fairly flexible, so I don’t mind going slightly further afield if need be.
How do you advertise?
You won’t see huge ads with my name on them in the Yellow Pages, the local paper, or on billboards. I simply don’t need to advertise like that. I get the vast majority of my business from word of mouth referrals. People are so pleased with the service that I offer, not to mention the price, that they inevitably tell their friends. Apart from this website, that’s it. I find that I get more than enough business this way, and keeping advertising costs at bay also reduces my overheads. That means even better value for my customers.
Will I have to pay in advance?
Absolutely not. I wouldn’t dream of asking for a client for any advance payment, not even for parts. All costs are paid after the work is done and you are completely, 100% satisfied. I prefer to work that way, and so do my customers.
What type of clients do you work for?
I only install boilers in domestic properties. By specializing in this particular area, I can become an expert at my craft. Industrial heating systems are very different, and I far prefer to work on domestic systems. It’s much more satisfying to me to help a family warm their home than help a business warm their business premises. I also find that specializing helps keep my prices low. Most of my clients are private individuals who want a boiler installed in their home, but I also deal with landlords, property developers and property management companies who wish to install a boiler in their rental property.
Why should I choose you over another company?
The most important reason for many people is that I’m cheaper, but that’s not the only reason. I also do a fantastic job, with extremely high standards of workmanship and attention to detail. There aren’t many heating engineers that have the real passion for the job that I do, and I believe that it shows in the work. The price, and my workmanship, are both partly due to the fact that I work alone. Working by myself keeps overheads low, which keeps prices low for my customers. And working alone means that I have control over every aspect of the process, giving my customers a great experience at every stage.
Why should I upgrade my boiler?
Prevention is generally better than cure in most situations, and if you have an old boiler you’d be wise to replace it before it stops working. The inconvenience of losing heating entirely is incredibly annoying, and if your boiler breaks at some point in the future, you might be in a financial situation that makes it more difficult for you to get a replacement. Having a completely new boiler in your home will give you a huge amount of peace of mind, especially if it comes with a seven year warranty.
Will upgrading my boiler save me money on my heating bills?
Almost certainly. There have been a huge number of innovations in the world of heating technology, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. New boilers are often up to 30% more efficient than older models. That’s a 30% saving on every single gas bill you get in future. It’s an incredibly sensible investment.
How can I get a free quote?
Simply give me a call and I’ll be happy to come and give you a free quote.