Ideal Logic Boilers

Logic is a highly regarded range of from Ideal Heating, a British thermo-engineering company. Their boilers are both built and designed here in the UK, and are made with the kind of high quality craftsmanship that you’d expect from a British product.

Logic boilers are renowned for their efficiency and robustness. They are also some of the quietest boilers on the market, which may be a concern for some.

Logic have also invested a large amount of money in innovations to make their boilers environmentally friendly.

As a general rule, boilers aren’t particularly attractive units. They are there to fulfill a practical task, not as decoration. Even so, the design aesthetic of Logic boilers is regarded as the most pleasant. The design hides away any external piping behind a sleek white fascia. They are also very compact and fit easily into most kitchen cupboards.

The control system on a Logic boiler is incredibly simple, no matter which model you are using. It’s extremely easy to adjust the thermostat and set the boiler on a timing mechanism.

Logic boilers are also extremely good value. They are reliable, cheap Brighton boilers, and they are also made from top quality components. These boilers are designed to last.

The range is versatile, with both combi and heat only boilers available in a variety of sizes to suit any domestic situation.