About Discount Boiler Installations

A boiler is perhaps the most important piece of technology in a home. When it’s working correctly, we hardly think about it. But when there is a problem, we quickly realise just what an essential piece of equipment it is.

If your boiler needs replaced, or you want the peace of mind that comes with having a brand new boiler, then you’ve come to the right place.

Safely installing a boiler is a complex task that requires a huge amount of skill and experience, but it’s also a one man job. I find that I can serve my customers better, and more cheaply, by working alone. It means there are no huge overheads, and you don’t have to pay for two engineers to do a job that one person can do.

When you deal with big companies, you are paying for every single person that has to deal with your job, from the receptionist who answers the phone when you call, to the administrators who handle the paperwork, to the accountants who send you an invoice.

When you deal with me, you pay for only one thing: a new boiler to be installed, and you’ll notice the difference when I quote you the price of the job. I aim to beat any other boiler installation quote you receive, whether it’s from a huge national company or the man down the road.

I believe that smaller really is better when it comes to boiler installations, not just when it comes to the costs, but also with the finished results. I approach every job as if I was working in my own home, for my own family, and my approach to safety, workmanship, tidiness and customer service corresponds with that attitude.

I’ve been installing and upgrading and installing boilers in homes and businesses for years now, and that wealth of experience is reflected in the quality of my workmanship. I install boilers incredibly cheaply, but I never cut corners. Boiler installation can be a tricky business, and your safety and the safety of your family is my highest priority throughout the entire process.

If you’re interested in getting your boiler upgraded, or installing a boiler in a completely new property, get in touch with me for a free quote today on our cheap Brighton boilers. As soon as you see the price I’m quoting, and the results at the end of the job, you’ll be glad you did.